Juli: As a hairdresser with a specialization in bridal work, I put a ton of thought into my vendors. With the amount of weddings I’ve been behind the scenes on, I’ve seen some awesome and some not so great professionals in the field. Every time I show my video to someone who wasn’t able to attend my wedding they get chills, have laughs, and plenty of “awww’s”! That’s exactly how a wedding video should be. Jake captured every single detail and moment about my wedding! As a bride, you miss so many parts of your own wedding for obvious reasons, so having a video was so very important to me. Jake and his team far exceeded my expectations.

Megan: Jake was absolutely wonderful to work with! His work is beyond exceptional and beautiful and he puts so much detail into the entire video, it is beyond perfect! Everyone I have shown the video to has remarked how well done it is and what a treasure to keep for years to come. He will not let you down and is a great investment!

Matt: Jake will make you feel like you’re a rockstar.

Sommer: Jake is fantastic! We couldn’t be happier with our wedding video! All of our family and friends were very impressed with the quality and many brought to tears by how well he captured our day. I actually have the video on my phone so I can show people and watch it every so often. Jake is professional, flexible, and very responsive. He was great to work with and after our initial greeting that afternoon, we hardly even noticed him or his assistant the entire day while they were filming. He captured all of the important moments and put them together beautifully. And again, the quality is awesome! I looked at quite a few videographers and found them to fall into only 2 categories- affordable, but very low quality or outstanding quality, but extremely expensive. Jake produces outstanding quality and at an affordable price! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone needing a videographer, wedding or otherwise.

Ileana: Jake is absolutely amazing! I’ve used him for my engagement portrait video and for my wedding reception video. I also used him to do fall family pictures to use on Christmas cards. I plan on continuing to use him for further videography/photography! My husband rolls his eyes at the thought of doing videos and pictures, but even he loves Jake’s work because he is quick and to-the-point! No time wasted! That’s perfect when you have an impatient husband! 🙂

Cindy: Jake was wonderful to work with, he was very calm and patient with us and also allowed us to give our ideas/suggestions. He also did our engagement portrait and we were so nervous about it. He plays music while you are being filmed to calm your nerves and forget the cameras are there. I highly recommend him and will definitely go back. I promise you’ll fall in love with his talented work!

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